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So you’re looking for a top social media marketing agency in Lebanon? We at SocialWeTalk will help you optimize your brand and engage with customers online!

SocialWeTalk is a boutique interactive digital marketing agency specializing in helping YOU build your brand online. Storytellers at heart we assume your brand voice and craft a story that connects your brand to your audience through social media. Bottom line, we take your business to the next level through social media marketing.

Our programs span from basic optimization to content strategy, to more strategic business intelligence.

Please take a look at our Case Studies for insights on our clients, their challenges and the solutions we helped create.

Social Media Marketing Services in Lebanon

Social media in Lebanon is witnessing a remarkable boom. According to the Pew Research Center, 92% of Internet users or smartphone owners in Lebanon access the Internet daily through social media apps. This constitutes the highest percentage among countries worldwide! That’s a huge opportunity for Lebanese businesses to start engaging customers online.

Whether you need a full-service solution or a “social media arm”, we’re here to help you connect your brand to your customers.

Our strategy is simple but highly effective. The aim is to build a lively social community by engaging potential and current customers, media and other interested audiences. We utilize content strategy and smart targeting tactics to craft highly engaging posts. The process is regulated by editorial planning, art direction, monitoring, and moderation.

Everyone’s using social media apps. Our analysts deliver custom-designed reports to help you stay on top of your social media goals. With social media listening, we track everything from share of voice to brand mentions to insights derived from reviewing real consumer conversations. These insights help you gain more informed brand decisions on your marketing campaigns and customer service initiatives.

Throughout the course of our short but otherwise eventful journey, we got to mingle with leading companies in Lebanon and abroad.

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Here are few of their testimonials:

“SocialWeTalk lifted our online performance from average to outstanding in just a few months”

–Albero Altounji, Owner (Alberto Shop)

“Our direct calls tripled as soon as we switched to online engagement with SocialWeTalk”

– Foaud Reslan, Owner (Mira Training Center)

“SocialWeTalk helped us understand where our customers are coming from, and came up with an innovative concept online to keep them coming”

– Samir Tutunji, Executive Director (Dasar-KSA)

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