What is Identity in Marketing?

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A powerful brand reflects the vibe you wish to expose for your customers. In SocialWeTalk, we create social identity recipes that create customer relationships and develop a conceptual model of your products. Our strategic plan provides foundation that integrates your vision in corporate branding, identity and communication, a recipe we call: identity conceptualization.

Brand experiences are the building blocks of brand identities. Your brand distinctiveness heightens consumers brand recall and attitude towards your brand. But what makes your brand so distinctive?

Ian Rowdin, the Chief Marketing Officer of Virgin Group believed that “the best brands are build on great stories”. Stories in that sense go beyond the narrative (websites, brochures, presentations..) The story is the conversations held among your customers about your brand. Everything you do contributes to that story. Each element of your brand: the colors, the look and feel of your website, friendliness of your staff are part of your story.

Identity Conceptualization: Building Your Story

Identity conceptualization is a brand communication strategy that enables you to structure your brand’s story from the inside out. It highlight your brand distinctiveness and guides you towards increasing brand awareness and ultimately collect leads and drive sales.

Lets suppose a customer logs into the banks website (ping). He checks out the layout and navigation (ping). The website is user-friendly (ping) and offers adequate information on products and services (ping). The customer quickly finds an application form (ping) and applies for a car loan by filling out a small form (ping). Hes promised a call back (ping). An employee calls him back (ping), approves his application (ping) and deposits money in his account (ping). Later in the day, the customer tweets a picture of his new car and mentions the bank (ping). A couple of weeks later, the bank sends him a promotional email (ping) that offers him complementary air-miles (ping) and reminds him of the banks brand and its core values (ping).

Powerful identity conceptualization involves outlining the customer journey through physical and digital touch-points. It also involves researching and charting the customer journey based on digital customer behavior and trends. As levels of expectations rise, site visitors have become to anticipate personalized and rewarding online experiences that will meet their needs for finding information quickly and effortlessly. Uninspired digital offerings will discourage visitors from coming back.

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