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Our agency experts draft effective subject lines for email marketing, that incite high conversion rates through the most cost-effective tactic to obtain, maintain and regain customers. SocialWeTalk incorporates email marketing based on analytics while it particularly advises on the timing, design and segmentation.

Main Benefits of Email Marketing

If you’re looking to boost your marketing efforts, email marketing should be a priority. Email marketing is not only a cost-effective marketing strategy, it can produce quality leads and yield a high ROI.

1. Emails are engaging. Emails should be concise and personalized. Customers appreciate personalized experiences. Identifying each customer’s preferences on an individual level creates meaningful connections, which will ultimately create an incentive for customers to use your service again.

2. Emails provide value.  Email content creates value. They can be product specific or brand-specific. They can be designed to feature snippets of information that users might find interesting based on their previous listening experience

3. Emails promote better usability.  Most of your customers nowadays have smartphones, so you’ll need to craft an email with a responsive design, vivid colors and large icons huge enough to hit on a mobile screen. They should be easy to scroll and feature clear call-to-actions and social media icons.

4. Emails drive traffic to your website. If your content is interesting enough, emails will bring more traffic to your website. Call to actions increase the likelihood of getting qualified leads and ultimately drive conversions.

5. Emails are being used by your competitors. A big chance is that your direct competitor is utilizing email marketing tactics to drive sales and increase their marketshare. Those who fail to grasp the importance of this tactic will invariable fall behind.

6. Emails are cost effective. They cost little money to implement, while offering huge potential in return. Well placed links, attractive design and engaging content will significantly improve your conversion rate.

7. Emails are checked by consumers constantly. How many times you check your email? Lebanese consumers are among the most connected people in the world. Every time someone checks their email, you have an opportunity to connect with your customer base.

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