Social Media Tools Utilized by Lebanese Digital Marketing Experts

Connecting with your audience on social media requires time, thought and planning. In this article, we ask digital marketing experts in Lebanon about the social media tools they use to streamline their online communications.

Maria Etre Social Media Tools Utilized by Lebanese Digital Marketing Experts

Maria Etre
Social Media Manager at Leo Burnett MENA
Personal Blog: Indiedoodles

During my years of social media practice, I have worked with HootSuite.

It has helped me manage multiple accounts at a very efficient way. The classification of clients in different tabs along with the instant notifications that decrease the time of response which gives your clients more credibility – were my main favorites of the platform.

Hootsuite has evolved tremendously since 2014, they have ridden the wave of technology and addressed certain points that have been a hindrance back then. One can manage several social media channels at the same time for various clients. The statistics also play a major role in studying the brand you are managing, along with the active times that aid you in posting.

I have tried several other platforms, I still find the user journey of HootSuite very easy, sufficient and efficient in terms of social media management.

Abed Jrab Social Media Tools Utilized by Lebanese Digital Marketing Experts

Abed Jrab
Digital Marketing Manager at Beesline

We are living in a world where Social Media has become the hottest topic of all times, companies and individuals are fighting over this digital presence to showcase themselves and their businesses.

Back in the days, it used to be a race of precedence, nowadays it is a competition for the share of voice, what matters is our audience, how we engage with them, walk them through the story of our brand.

The hardest of all is how to retain this share of voice and keep them coming back for more, this is why working hard on social media alone isn’t enough anymore. We need tools to help us organize, gather data and insights about our audiences and these tools became the success factor that differentiates a digital marketer from another.

As a Digital Marketing Strategist, I use lots of tools that help me understand how I am performing better.

I have chosen 3 tools to share for Social Media Marketing

1. HootSuite

HootSuite is a Social Media Management platform that helps us:

– Schedule content on all social networks

– Social listening, monitoring social networks through dedicated hashtags

– Analytics, help measure and share effectiveness of our social media content and campaigns

– Creating campaigns like contests, generating leads and beautiful galleries

2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is an Instagram Analytics & Management Platform with the following features:

– Getting deep insights

– Manage Instagram activity

– Search, schedule and organize content

– Find the best influencer

3. Onlypult 

Onlypult is a pure multi scheduler application for Instagram that lets you schedule tons of posts at the same time. This tool is an automated one which delivers your content to Instagram without pushing a notification for you to approve.

Definitely, it all depends on your business objectives in order to know what are the best tools to use for your business because there no one single tool in the world that can offer you everything.

AR Pic 1 Social Media Tools Utilized by Lebanese Digital Marketing Experts

Abdul Rahman Alieh
Digital Marketing Director at SocialWeTalk

There are a handful of social media tools that allow you to create content on the go, including professional-looking images, animations, and video. Below, I’ll share with you 3 tools I use that’ll definitely help you create better engaging content for your social media profiles.

1. Canva

Canva is a design tool built for non-designers. It’s very easy to use and it actually offers a quick tutorial upon setting up your account to get you going. It offers various custom templates which you could use on the spot for different social media platforms, blogging and ebooks, email headers, and ads.

2. WordSwag

WordSwag is a mobile application perfect for matching quotes to images. You can search for free images via pixabay or you can upload your very own. It’s very easy to use and saves me a lot of time.

wordswag1 1024x597 Social Media Tools Utilized by Lebanese Digital Marketing Experts

3. Ripl

Ripl allows you to turn simple images to quote animations. It’s a paid tool $9.99 per month, but it’s totally worth it if you have a lot of products to showcase. There’s a free version if you don’t mind seeing a Ripl watermark in the lower-right corner of your image. When you’re done, you can share your animation anywhere, including Instagram.

What do you think? Does your social media marketing team use any of these tools?

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Everyone says Instagram Stories copied Snapchat


“Good artists copy; great artists steal” – the famous words of Picasso, revived by Steve Jobs, ring true today as the world complains that Instagram’s new Stories feature copied Snapchat.

Instagram Stories is a new feature that lives at the top of your newsfeed and allows you to pop in a stream of photos that expire after 24 hours, just like Snapchat. You can try following mine, for example, for endless pictures of my cat.

First of all – let’s acknowledge the elephant in the room: Instagram basically copied the entire concept of Stories verbatim. Everything from the way you create them, to how you browse through is clearly influenced by Snapchat and it’d be silly to say otherwise.

Here’s the thing, though: Instagram’s Stories feature takes what Snapchat built and out-innovated them with their own spin on the storytelling interface.

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Highest Grossing App Games

Social Media Agencies in Lebanon | Digital Marketing | Social Media Marketing Highest Grossing App Games

Back in 2009, Farmville 2 witnessed a huge surge in Lebanon’s search activity but dropped abruptly soon after. Clash of Clans seems to maintain a strong position so far. Nonetheless, these apps are dwarfed in comparison to the worldwide phenomenon of Pokémon Go. The mobile game is on its way to break the $4 billion-per-year wall! Check this brief synopsis for insights of the highest grossing games! Click the infographic below for few of the highest grossing app games so far.

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6 bizarre résumés — and what you should learn from them


Job hunting can feel like a crapshoot. You send in a résumé, knowing that yours is just one of thousands like it that employers will receive for any opening.

Instead of being discouraged, however, some people are revamping their CVs, creating unique, show-stopping résumés that stand out from the crowd. We’ve gathered some of the weirdest and most distinct CVs to learn what really works.

To get a professional opinion, we asked John Cardillo, a career advisor at The New School in New York City, for his take.

Here are our tips to get your résumé noticed.

Studies show the the typical interviewer looks at a résumé for just six seconds. That means that you need to use the time wisely and impress a recruiter right off the bat.

This jobseeker used Snapchat to quickly address everything that a company was looking for in a candidate.

“I like the fact that he’s using Snapchat to apply for a job at Snapchat,” said Cardillo. “There is humor, honesty, and creativity in terms of what he’s sending to the company. I like that each segment lasts 10 seconds, just like a snap!”

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There’s Still Plenty of Good in this World


While volunteering last night at a local event, Rami our account manager met a young mother who recently went through divorce. She was holding her newborn and was kind enough to share her story. Right after her divorce, she found herself struggling with no income, bills, and no way to afford groceries. Then miraculously she started finding boxes of groceries outside her door every night. This went on for weeks, until she was able to land a job and support herself. She never did find out whom it was who left the groceries for her and her baby every day, but she admits this act of kindness saved her life.

We were so touched, we had to share this story with you as a reminder that there is still plenty of good in this world. All sorts of people giving of themselves, their time, money, and energy, with no expectations in return!


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